Public Appearances:

On-line through Hawaiian IANDS and Life After Death. NearDeathExperience

Title:                 How to Transition – from Ego to Soul – With OR Without an NDE

Date:                 Tuesday December 12th, 2023

Time:                9 pm – approximately 11:00 pm EST (4 PM HST / 6 PM PST / 7 PM MST /8 PM CST)

Where:             On-line through Hawaii IANDS

Cost:              25.00 CAD.
Registration for this zoom workshop is now closed. We hope you can make future workshops in collaboration with Hawaii IANDS!


In each and every moment it is our birthright to experience the profound Nature of the Soul aspect of who we really are. Genius, abundance, love, peace, joy, expansiveness, connection and more are our authentic states of Being and originate in the Soul. The quest for nearly everyone is ‘how do you access that part of you’ for your own and others’ benefit? What ‘secret’ or special technique exists to help us to discover and more consistently live from that place? It turns out it is not a secret at all and is instead natural to who we are.

In this workshop we will:
-Explore three powerful pathways to access Soul and all of the ‘perks’ that come along with that
-Discover how to come more from Soul without having had an NDE and why one can go to Soul without having had an NDE
-Discover how to utilize your NDE, if you have had one, to align more fully with that aspect of you
-Discover that accessing Soul does not come from hard work, effort, certification, years of focus, et; rather that it can come much sooner than most of us can even fathom and without virtually any ‘efforting’ at all.

In our last workshop we explored the differences between the Soul and ego so that we can know when we are coming from one verses the other. This workshop will help us to go to the next level to access more of who we are all so that we can be of greater service to ourselves and others as we choose.


Toronto, Canada

Title:                 Attracting, Allowing, and Aligning: Engaging the Big 3 As to Create the Life You Want!!

Date:                 TBD

Time:                9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Where:             Downtown Toronto, Canada

Cost:                  The full day is $175.00 +hst.


Your environment provides an excellent mirror that can help you to see and determine if you are attracting what you are wanting. But your state of mind, state of being, and state of feeling are even more accurate.

In this full day seminar, internationally renowned life coach, speaker, and author Joshua Zuchter will be guiding you and assisting all participants to discover:

  • The precise mechanisms that determine the realization of what you want in your life
  • How to take charge of those mechanisms so that you gain true prosperity, fulfilling romance, greater health, more vitality, better sleep, reduced stress, improved relationships, and much more
  • How to become more aligned with and connected to your higher self
  • One of the most powerful tools for attracting what you want into your life
  • How to release your resistance so that you gain even more joy, wisdom, clarity, and peace personally and professionally
  • The technique that Joshua’s entrepreneurial clients have used to fill their practices in one week.
  • If you already attended Joshua’s recent workshop through Meetup, in this full day you will practice getting into alignment throughout day learning how to master the art of alignment.
  • You will be the first to gain from some of Joshua’s newest techniques for aligning with what you want and creating the life that is your birthright.
  • This is also a great way to meet other leading edge people like you.
  • This event is perfect for you if you attended Joshua’s previous event and wish your friends could have attended or you work with Joshua and want to share this type of meaningful experience with friends, family, and/or colleagues.

This seminar is truly about discovering new aspects of yourself as well as rediscovering elements in you that have been lying dormant, yet awaiting your return.

This event will be taking place downtown Toronto. Location and directions will be sent after registration.

Registration: 9:30 am. We then begin promptly at 10:00 am and complete at 4:00 pm.

A one hour session with Joshua is over $210.00. This FULL DAY event is only $175 +hst

Looking forward to seeing you there in this day filled with wisdom, play, and co-creation!

If you have any questions, contact Joshua directly at 416-388-1135 or [email protected] .

***Because there is limited seating, there are NO refunds. However, if it turns out you cannot make it, you can transfer your ticket or sell it to another. Once all tickets are sold, individuals on the waiting list can also be contacted on your behalf.

How to Purchase Your Ticket(s):

E-transfer to [email protected]

Credit card (a small $4.00 charge will be added),

Deposit cash directly through a TD Canada Trust. Contact us to register and to confirm method of payment.