As an Executive, CEO, Vice President, Director, or Manager in today’s workplace, you face more stressors and demands than ever before at faster rates than ever before. Working with Toronto Executive Coach Joshua is about gaining the proper functional, strategic, well-rounded, efficient, consistent, professional and personal support to help you to meet those demands and achieve high levels, while also finding balance between your professional and personal lives.

If you are like many of the executives Joshua has coached, you are proficient in your professional life, but your personal life may be on the back-burner. Alternatively, you are facing challenges with your team or a specific team member, employees, or even within your own day-to-day work. The purpose of Executive Coaching is to smooth out the edges, elevate and refine your performance and productivity, decrease stress, and work through any challenges that show up along the way.

Executive coaching sessions with Joshua take place either in-person or via phone or skype and are weekly for approximately 45 minutes.

Schedule a complimentary call with Joshua so that you can both determine if there is a great fit and synergy and to ask any questions.

Call 416-388-1135 or e-mail Joshua directly at [email protected]