• Considered masterful by many teachers, CEOs, consultants, and Masters in a variety of fields, Joshua is more formally considered an International Executive Coach, Life Coach and Business Coach with clients in over 12 countries including throughout Canada, the United States, Singapore, China, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Oman, Nigeria, the UK, German, and India.
  • International Inspirational Speaker for many organizations and associations (click here to view a summarized list).
  • A guest expert in national and local media with appearances on CTV News, Rogers Daytime, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Sun, The National Post, Investment Executive Newspaper, and many others (click here to view the full list).
  • Coached over 2000 individuals, business owners, and executives over the past 21 years.
  • Given over 2000 workshops, seminars, keynotes, and teleclasses over the past 26 years.
  • A specialist in understanding the mind, human behaviour, human dynamics and human relations, and consciousness – view his list of specialty areas by clicking here.
  • BioHacker and health educator based on over 30 years worth of health research, self-experimentation, and product testing with various leading edge health products and practices – and seems to look younger every year – curious!
  • Certificates, certifications, and studies in several healing modalities including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, Nutrition, Sound Healing and Sound Therapy, Quantum Touch, The Silva Method, and The Sedona Method – some of these starting back to when he was in his late teens.
  • Co-Author of International Best Selling Book Ready Aim Influence.
  • Co- Author of Living Well the Natural Way: Wisdom from NaturalHealthcare.ca Practitioners and Researchers.
  • Contributor to Consulting Business Development and Holistic Image by Karen Brunger.

•Based out of Toronto, Canada.

Descriptive Bio

Joshua Zuchter is a Master Specialist in understanding and teaching about Consciousness, the human mind, behaviour, communication, and relationship dynamics and how they all work together.

As an international coach, Joshua works with executives, individuals and entrepreneurs from around the world through executive coaching, life coaching and business coaching

He also gives workshops, private keynotes, trainings and seminars for corporations, organizations, and associations.

Joshua graduated from Western University (formerly The University of Western Ontario), where he studied Psychology. Alongside his formal education Joshua also studied eastern philosophies and ancient healing systems such as Reiki and Chinese system of Qi Gong, various martial arts, Feng Shui, along with studies in more modern arenas of Therapeutic Touch, Brain Gym, The Silva Method, Sound Therapy, and Applied Nutrition.

“For as long as I can remember I have wondered what we as humans could achieve beyond what we think is possible.

My passion for exploring enlightened teachings from ancient civilizations led me to research about the gurus of India, the Masters of China and the Shamans of South America. My drive comes from an inner belief and knowing that we are a part of something much larger than just our physical bodies and separate experiences.

Many profound events took place in my life, the first of which occurred in 1996 after I began writing down what I wanted in various areas of my life… such as romance, creating wealth, attracting my dream job at the time. All of the things that I had written began to occur without me doing much to create them. The insights that came to me about how all of those events were being magnetized to me have since formed the systems that I use with both my personal life coaching clients as well as with my entrepreneurial clients.”

Joshua then began working with clients as a coach and as an inspirational speaker.

His first year in business, however, did not flow as expected. By the end of that year he had amassed over $55,000.00 of debt and after three months of not attracting a single new client nor any new seminar bookings, nearly declared bankruptcy.

Joshua discovered the missing links and pieces at that time and since then, has created one of the most successful coaching practices in Canada. He has helped over 800 entrepreneurs and small business owners to build their business and to attract greater success and has also helped many individuals and executives to create and live more fulfilling lives. As of today, Joshua’s clients span 11 countries.

Joshua is also an accomplished motivational speaker. Described as an inspirational speaker with a dynamic and engaging presence, Joshua is a unique blend of empowerment and enlightenment and has given over 1000 keynotes, seminars, teleclasses and workshops for thousands of people both nationally and internationally.

Along with his eclectic background and studies, Joshua is also a past professional member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and The Association of Independent Consultants, a member of both the International Association of Coaches and CoachVille, as well as past professor at George Brown College, Conestoga College, and Algonquin Colleges in Ontario.

Joshua has also guided and spoken for many corporations, associations and organizations including: Canadian Federal Government Transport Canada, former ING Bank, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), WINDFALL Basics, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Kiwanis, Fiorio Salons, HAPPEN, Jaycees, University of Windsor, Knowledge First Financial, The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), International Image Institute, the King’s College Residence Assistant Training Program, the Ontario Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, and the Feng Shui Institute of Canada.

Joshua is also considered a Learning Annex success story in Toronto. His course How to Transform Your Business Into Gold was a consistent hit for over three years drawing rave reviews and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners alike to attract more clients.

Joshua is also media-trained and a professional spokesperson and is often called on by the media for his expertise in a variety of areas including:

Increasing personal and professional productivity, creating balance between life and work, work-place relationship dynamics, overcoming family challenges, starting a business, avoiding layoffs, and discovering a greater intuitive connection. For a full list of the broadcast, internet, and print media where Joshua has appeared simply scroll down below.

Joshua’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada where he has his coaching practice and coaches through phone, skype and in-person.

To book Joshua for corporate training, an inspirational keynote or inspirational workshop, or to find out more about working with him as a coach contact us at: [email protected]
or 416-388-1135.

A more condensed biography is also available upon request.

Media Appearances

Media-trained and an experienced spokesperson, Joshua is a regular guest expert for the media and has appeared in the following media outlets:

Life Coach Toronto Star    Life Coach National Post


Life Coach Daytime_Ottawa

Life Coach A-Channel

Life Coach on CTV News



Life Coach in the Metro Newspaper

Life Coach on Rogers Daytime TV



Life Coach in The Chronicle Herald

Life Coach on Sun Television Canoe Live

Investment Executive



  • CTV Evening News
  • CP 24
  • CHtv Morning Live
  • SUN TV
  • A’ Morning Ottawa
  • Rogers Daytime Ottawa
  • CHCHtv ‘At Home’ Hamilton
  • A-Channel London
  • Rogers Daytime London
  • Rogers Daytime Oshawa
  • A-Channel Barrie


  • The Toronto Star
  • The National Post
  • Investment Executive
  • Chronicle Herald
  • Times and Transcript (New Brunswick)
  • Metro Canada
  • Metro News Halifax
  • The Vision Times (Canadian Chinese Newspaper)


  • Entrepreneur.com
  • jobboom.com
  • The Edmonton Journal
  • The Vancouver Sun
  • The Montreal Gazette


  • CFRB 1010 News Talk
  • Wave 94.7 FM
  • CFBC Radio
  • CKEC Radio
  • News 88.9, 91.9, 95.7
  • 106.9 FM

Internet Streaming:

  • Yahoo Canada Finance
  • Intuitive Soul Radio
  • Divine Blessings Radio

Interesting and Fun Facts:


~The most seminars Joshua has given in any two month period: 100 (he has done this 5 times!)
~The most seminars Joshua has given in one day: (that was a long day!)
~The largest audience Joshua has addressed so far: 1500
~The most coaching sessions Joshua has had in one day: 8
~The most clients Joshua has coached in a week: 36
~A majority of Joshua’s coaching clientelle work with him on average for more than 3 years
~Joshua prefers to establish committed connections with his clients and as such has worked with many clients for over 6 years and his longest is 11 years (the norm for coaching is about 6-12 months!)

Joshua opened his business in: 1998
Joshua went full time as a personal life coach and inspirational speaker in: 2002


To book Joshua for a keynote or lunch and learn, or to determine if he can help you through coaching you are invited to contact him at [email protected] or 416-388-1135.