Build Your Business and Attract New Clients

Developing or starting a business can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have an extensive marketing, sales, public relations, and administrative background. If you are thinking of starting a business or are having challenges and want to develop a business to attract more clients, here is a short list of some of the areas I work with my clients on as a business coach:

Joshua’s Business Coaching Services Include:

  • Business plan creation
  • Vision development
  • High impact marketing strategies
  • Website development and strategy
  • Ezine Marketing Creation, Development, and Follow-through
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Copy writing and editing
  • Business decision guidance and suggestions
  • Neutralizing mental and emotional blockages
  • Developing organizational and administrative systems
  • Applying laws of attraction as a complement to action plan creation
  • Creating a clear plan and outlining focused steps of actions
  • Consistent weekly or bi-weekly calls or sessions in person or via skype
  • E-mailing in between calls
  • Financial organization and maintenance
  • Increasing productive
  • Increasing confidence and belief in yourself and in your product and or service
  • Brainstorming and co-creation of ideas, projects, and solutions
  • Connecting you with other professionals who are offer complementary expertise to build your business

“Most entrepreneurs have no experience in running a business PRIOR TO starting their business.¬†Even if a business is still around after 5 years, most are not making much of a profit and some even question whether they actually love what they are still doing. It took me years to develop any type of proficiency in the areas you see above for my own business.

I credit the success of my business to two things:

1. The development of my skills in the list above (along with other services I offer), AND,

2. Hiring my own Business Coach and Marketing coach years ago as I was developing my business.

I only wished I had developed the above skills sooner as I would have avoided many of the pitfalls that most entrepreneurs face as they start their business AND I would have been more confident in attracting and helping more clients!

This is why I now encourage business owners and those who want to start their own business to begin right away rather than waiting until their business is already moving along.”

Who Joshua Works With: “I work with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals including:

Image Consultants

Life Coaches


Financial Investors

Raw Foodists




Consultants in many fields



Opera Singers

Boutique and Salon Owners



Website Companies

Sport Specific Coaches

Business Consultants

Sales Professionals

Network Marketing Professionals

Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine


Feng Shui Consultants

Yoga Practitioners

Fertility Specialists

USCI Representatives

Energy Practitioners

Primerica Representatives

Virtual Administrators

Entertainers including: Actors, Movie Producers, and Models

And am open to working with individuals in other fields yet to be listed above.

To inquire about working with Joshua to help in starting and or developing your business or business idea, you are invited to contact him.

He can be reached at: