Our organization has been working with Joshua for over two years now. He leads monthly training sessions for managers, for staff, as well as coaches our Directors through one-to-one sessions. Topics include: improving open communication, personal development, team building, and more. Several studies put the amount of time spent on interpersonal conflict in the workplace at around 40%! With this in mind, these sessions with Joshua have more than paid for themselves.


Our workplace conflict has been reduced to almost nil. Our team members now communicate positively with each other, resolve conflicts easily and quickly, cooperate with each other and truly support and appreciate each other. This has resulted in a highly productive, creative, positive, happy, fun, intuitive and focused team that works effectively! Life is too short to not enjoy doing what we do for eight hours every day and we continue to appreciate Joshua and his coaching and workshops for moving us to higher levels.

-Helen Harakas, Executive Director of Brands for Canada (formerly Windfall Basics)



Dynamic – Empowering – Engaging

Joshua’s motivational and inspirational trainings and presentations blend empowering messages with uplifting and inspirational stories, and include fresh and powerful techniques.

Popular Speaking and Training Topics:

Communication Styles 101

If you work for an organization or corporation then you have likely taken at least one, but likely more, Type or Trait based Assessment such as Myers Briggs, 360, true Colors, and the list is extensive…

However, nearly all of those assessments are applicable either personally or professionally, with most having a focus on the latter. They are also sometimes complex and difficult for teams to learn how to use for their betterment.

This system is timeless, predates all the other assessment tools, is the easiest to understand and employ, and is what Joshua has found to be most effective in helping teams to work more effectively and cohesively.

This is the perfect first or second training session for your team.

We all possess these 4 types of learning and communication styles and in this training session each participant will discover theirs and others. The results are typically major ‘aha’s’ about each other and their own lives and the result is greater awareness, understanding, and each team member learning how to work with each other’s strengths and weaknesses rather than against them.

In this session participants will:

-Learn the 4 learning and communication styles

-Identify which of the 4 he/she is using, and which needs to be developed

-Identify the primary communication styles in other group members for maximum understanding and communicating

Customer Service Training

Contrary to traditional customer service training, one of the cornerstones of Joshua’s training philosophies is that ‘although the customer is not always right, every customer deserves respect’.

Small to large organizations can benefit from this leading edge, relevant, and employee AND customer focused training.

Optimal Health and Nutrition for Maximum Productivity

Sick time and/or feeling unwell while on the job, is the number 1 contributor to lost productivity for organizations and corporations alike.

In this session, participants will discover the 7 key elements necessary for optimal health – that will help to avoid colds, flus, and disease, as well as heal the body if one has any of these

Participants will also learn the leading edge and quickest, healthiest ways to stay healthy, trim body fat, and improve productivity through optimal health, nutrition, physical activity and much more.

Stress Reduction 101

Stress is the #2 cause of loss of productivity and possibly the cause of the #1 contributor of poor health.

In this session, participants will learn how to release and let go of emotion more effortlessly and naturally. We will also explore the art of affirmations and each person will create and receive at least one customized affirmation for the purpose of greater effectiveness, joy, and productivity.

The end result of this session: greater peace professionally and personally, improved relationships and more effortless communication, greater energy and therefore less fatigue, more consistent optimism, calm, and better sleep.

The Power of Presence

In this special training session, participants will be lead through a method for releasing fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and all other negative emotions nearly instantly. Participants will learn one of the most powerful and effective forms of meditation as well as other tools related to living in the present moment.

Enhanced Communication

In this training session participants will learn:

  • The differences between Guidelines and Boundaries
  • The differences between Venting vs. Communicating
  • The most powerful and effective tool for dissolving miscommunication and overcoming confrontation
  • The differences between masculine verses feminine modes of communication and why this is significant professionally and personally

Conflict Management and Resolution

The weakest link in every organization is interpersonal conflict amongst team members. With employees from different cultures, various life experiences, and coming from a broad array of different education and training backgrounds and philosophies it is inevitable that conflict will arise.

However, that is not necessarily the be all and end all of it. Weak links can be strengthened and transform to serve an organization to move to higher levels. For an organization to evolve staff interpersonal issues must be addressed and resolved.

This training will emphasize coaching methods to facilitate:

  • positive interpersonal relationships,
  • building trust,
  • how to work with different communication styles, and
  • resolving issues between staff members.

This training will aide in resolving issues in a positive and productive manner, and provide management and staff with the proper training and tools to create sufficient long-term change.

The skills learned through this professional development training are meant to be both preventative and resolving. From the preventative scope, the skills gained will be displayed naturally through enhanced communication. Upon completion of training, staff will be equipped to deal with learned skills in dealing with issues as they arise and can further train staff on an as needed basis.

Leadership Training

Nearly all challenges in corporations stem from the top and trickle down the line to the front line staff. Without effective leadership, employees will often feel lack of acknowledgement, lack of direction, and lack of certainty in their position. In this workshop, managers and those who lead their own staff discover the 4 Core Competencies of Leadership so that staff become empowered, focused, and productive. Most corporate leadership misses 1 or more of these competencies, hence the reason this course is so important for any corporation who is having trouble with staff and/or who wishes to improve staff productivity and coordination.

Create the Life That You REALLY Want!

Discover Your Inner Sales Guru!: For sales teams who want to exceed expectations!

All of our programmes can also be customized. If you are looking for training not found above, let us know as we may be able to create a powerful experience for you and your staff depending on the content and topic.

If you are considering professional development and/or a personal development day or a corporate workshop for your team, employees, or staff, begin here:

Step 1.

Make a note of the areas below that would contribute to your employees’/team’s success and that you think they would benefit from and enjoy most:

1. Stress Reduction

2. Communication Skills Development

3. Relationship Building

4. Conflict Resolution

5. Overall Personal Growth and Professional Development

6. Improved and Optimal Health


Step 2.

Make a note of the format that you are considering for your company:

1. Lunch and Learn

2. Seminars and/or Workshop

3. Training

4. Professional Development Day

5. Personal Coaching

6. Group Facilitation

7. Keynote


Step 3.

Contact us with your questions. Find out what is involved in booking Joshua to maximize your team’s productivity, synergy, and effectiveness.

About Booking Joshua:

To inquire about Joshua’s availability and fees for a keynote speech, speaking engagement, lunch and learn, or training for your staff contact us at:

[email protected] and/or 416-388-1135

Brief Client List:

*Asterisk indicates multiple bookings.

  • Canadian Federal Government – Transport Canada
  • The former ING Canada*
  • Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)*
  • International Image Institute*
  • Fiorio Salons*
  • George Brown College*
  • Toronto Montessori Schools
  • Junior Chamber International
  • WIN – World Interpersonal Network
  • North American Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP)
  • Kiwanis
  • Brands for Canada (formerly Windfall Basics)*
  • Mary Kay*
  • The Learning Annex – Toronto*
  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)*
  • Knowledge First Financial (formerly USC Education Savings Plan)*
  • The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
  • The University of Western Ontario, King’s University College*