If you are a life coach, executive coach, or a coach with another focus or niche, OR are considering becoming a life coach, business coach, or executive coach, then you may have found a ‘jackpot’ for your practice.

As the coaching field is one of the largest growing industries in the world and if you would like to stand out from the ‘crowd’, you will want to consider adding special coaching tools, coaching techniques, and coaching skills that are not taught in the most common coaching training programs.

Most coaching schools and coaching programs teach from a ‘traditional’ coaching model, which although somewhat effective can potentially be limiting and ever so slightly and/or mostly ‘cerebral’.

Joshua has coached over 800 people over the past 12 years on many topics and subjects. Joshua has also met many coaches, both certified and non-certified who lack true practical and functional coaching skills. For this reason, with the major success of his own self-developed coaching techniques is in the midst of creating a coaching training program for coaches, social workers, therapists, and those who simply are wisdom seekers, and those who want to pursue their own self development and personal development.

Joshua’s coaching courses will encompass nearly every aspect and area he has coached over the course of his coaching business. You will learn the ins and outs of each technique, practice, role play, and gain practical and functional experience and full in-depth understanding of how each technique works and why, and in which situations it can be applied and when it is appropriate.

Some of these coaching courses that Joshua will be teaching will be 2 hours in length, while others will be 2 day full day courses. Some of these training sessions will be live and in-person, while others will be made available via teleclass and through webinars. Joshua also accepts requests for teaching his programs internationally if you have a group that wishes to become skilled in these techniques.

For further information, stay tuned and check back often. The best thing to do is to sign up in the box on the right for updates.

Joshua looks forward to sharing his extraordinary and powerful techniques with you and seeing you at the next event!