2 Main Ways Working with a Personal Life Coach May Be of Benefit:


1. You want to change some part of your life or possibly several aspects of your life.

You know this because there is a feeling inside of you that continues to move you to read self development books and attend personal growth seminars about spirituality or self development because you are searching for something, but don’t quite know what it is or how exactly to put your finger on it.


2. You are already enjoying life, yet feel like there is more and something is calling you to enhance that.

Not one person has achieved greatness without the influence of another. All people have had a teacher, a friend, a mentor, or a coach who has helped them along and given them guidance to achieve more and find greater happiness and contentment in life. This is why people hire Joshua to work with him as a life coach through personal life coaching.

Holistic Approach

“Although I am called a personal life coach by many, the system I use with my coaching clients is unique. It is a blending of ancient wisdom with modern-day techniques and the successes from this blending has since formed the foundation for my seminars and personal life coaching sessions.”

Co-creative Coaching

“Life Coaching is not just about me offering insights and tools, it is about the two of us engaging in a dialogue and developing a connection. We work together to help you move forward as quickly and effectively as we can while also creating an enriching journey along the way!” 

Joshua works with nearly all of his life coaching clients by phone and Skype, except during the warmer months when he occasionally meets with clients in a park or at a cafe on special request.

“Phone coaching is especially useful for those who live further away such as my clients in the United States and Canadian West Coast. For my other more local clients I have also found phone coaching useful because we don’t have to consider the time and expenses associated with Toronto traffic and increasing gas milage.”

“Although shifts take place within one or two sessions for many of my clients, the type of life coaching that we do is not just about one or two shifts, it is about life-long change and discovering a deep connection for them. I have worked with some of my clients for over 4 years” — most clients work with Joshua for 12 months or more depending on their goals, desires, and determination.

To inquire about working with Joshua contact him at:

Phone: 416-388-1135

E-mail: [email protected]

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