For Business Owners:

Ezine Marketing 101: Attract Clients with Shameful Ease

Imagine hundreds of prospects adding their names and e-mail addresses to YOUR database potentially saving you thousands of dollars while also transforming your prospect connections with ease. This is the power of E-zine Marketing! From best practices to the 5 biggest mistakes to 8 strategies for building your lists and gaining subscribers, this course probes the ins and outs of e-newsletter creation.

There is no better method of attracting prospects and clients! Period!

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How Transform Your Business Into Gold

Running a business and attracting clients is not often a simple walk in the park. To create, run, and maintain a successful business requires patience, persistence, knowledge, wisdom, instincts, and a plan.

If you are wanting to start a business and/or already have a business but are struggling and/or are wanting to take your business to the ‘next level’, there is no better place to begin than here in this workshop with internationally renowned business coach, speaker, and author Joshua Zuchter.

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From Invisible to Invincible:
Engage Your Business Presence and Attract More Clients!

Be-aware! This seminar is potentially life altering!

At your core, an invincible, bold and calm presence awaits your awakening. This presence fuels your desires, inspirations, and actions and is the basis for your successes and achievements. Yet, for many it simply lays dormant because of experiences and challenges in the past.

This workshop is about recognizing and neutralizing the barriers that hold you back from living from your potential. Not only will you discover how to engage your business presence, you will actually move through and beyond your boxes and limitations.

Ultimately it will reinforce the truth… that you can choose to boldly move forward in life and business with a sense of calm, clarity, ease and creation of success!


Build a Successful, Profitable, and Fulfilling Holistic Practice