Many times throughout our lives, inevitably, we feel unsuccessful, a bit lost, stuck, and uncertain about what the best next step should be. At the very least you have likely questioned if the work that you are doing, your job or chosen vocation was and still is the right choice.

Interestingly, these little bumps and major potholes are actually catalysts that can help you to explore and discover your authentic purpose.

Your authentic purpose is not your career, nor is it your role as a parent, spouse, teacher, or friend. Your authentic purpose runs much more deeply and when you are aligned with it you attract greater success, become more fulfilled, can increase your wealth substantially, notice dramatically improved relationships, experience better health, and are able to achieve greater peace of mind. Work becomes less monotonous and more interesting. In some cases you attract new opportunities where you are or new opportunities somewhere else.

In this workshop you will:

~release negative thoughts and emotions that hold you back from success
~transform out of mediocrity and instead into greatness
~discover the 5 main elements of living authentically
~practice techniques that will help you to change self-sabotaging thoughts into effective and expansive ones
~discover how the law of attraction actually works and how you can work with it consciously!
~and much more~

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    • Joshua Zuchter

      Thanks very much Mary! It’s been a while since I taught this. No current plans to teach it, however feel free to check back or email me and I will let you know when I do. Thank you for posting 😉

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