During this 2 month program women typically reduce body fat (not muscle) by approximately 17 pounds and men typically reduce body fat by approximately 22 pounds (without muscle loss).

Space is limited in this program so that I can coach each person and create a completely customized program for each person.

Past participants of this program have reported:
-reduced to no more heartburn from eating spicy foods
-skin improvements
-‘digestive system is now functioning ‘normally’’
-going to the washroom consistently each day
-improved sleep
-clearer mind
-less emotional
-overall more positive sense of well-being
-improved communication and relationships because of overall feeling of well-being
-greater flexibility because of no more belly!
-feeling lighter on their feet
-less to no more joint issues

—-these results are not typical.

It is common to see changes through these 3 ways (in order of priority):
1. Clothes will fit differently
2. People will ask what you are doing or what is different or give you complements
3. The scale will show a decrease in weight

This program was developed and is only facilitated by its developer Joshua Zuchter.

The first things you should know about Joshua:

-At age 13, when he was 5 foot 2, he weighed 174 pounds.
-At age 14, when he was 5 foot 9, he weighed 147 pounds – near his ideal weight for body shape and bone size.

-By age 33 he had gained 43 pounds of body fat and had approximately 30% body fat – considered obese – weighed 190 pounds.
-He created this program whereby after 8 weeks I shed 30 pounds of body fat, reduced body fat percentage to 20% while still being healthy and feel great doing so – something seemingly nearly impossible by today’s standards.

-He is NOT a medical doctor
-He is NOT a naturopath or a nutritionist nor certified in any modality related to the physical body.
-Joshua has studied nutrition and learning about nutrition since 1991 – often researching more than an hour per day for over 10 years.
-Joshua considers his health practitioners, the ones he goes to to this day, to be the top in the world and has been going to the top health practitioners since he was 16 – with some obvious pauses in between.
-Joshua is nearly complete on a book that compiles and teaches about achieving optimal health naturally based on both experience and study after study.

Rapid and Healthy Fat Loss

This Program Includes:

-a coaching session each week,

-a weigh in required each week,

-photos taken at the beginning of the program are required (don’t worry, your face will never be shown unless you would like it to be) AND required at the end

-payment is made monthly for 2 months and then you can choose to have maintenance sessions if you like

-the first session is approximately 2 hours and every session after is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour

-one session may include a 2 hour training session at a gym of your choosing – Joshua’s visitor fee would need to be covered by you (usually these are 10-20.00)

-if you stay true to what Joshua teaches and coaches you to do, you WILL see results

****You must speak with your doctor and/or naturopath before beginning this program to get clearance to start it. By beginning this program with Joshua you are legally assuming complete responsibility for your health and will not hold Joshua or any one else, responsible for any issues, challenges, or problems that may arise.

To inquire further, contact Joshua directly at 416-388-1135.