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Awaken to Your Inner Wisdom and

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‘The Discovered Art of Core Journaling’

From: Joshua Zuchter

The greatest discovery in the history of mankind is that there is much more to you than just your mind, emotions, and physical body… that at the deepest aspect of you, there exists an unlimited, invincible, pure, and dynamic Soul that is lovingly and patiently awaiting your awakening to It.

Most People Are Unaware That It Exists!

Throughout the past 10,000 years, the majority of the world’s population has been unaware that there is anything deeper. Most are caught up in day-to-day work, life, and challenges, etc.

A small proportion of the population throughout the past 10 millennia have had rare experiences of insight and occurrences of illumination or revelation that goes along with waking up to the fact that it is there. You too have probably had moments when you all-of-a-sudden knew something, but didn’t know how you knew.

You have probably also had times when you got goose bumps and the hairs on the back of your neck and/or arms stood up because you felt something unusual or you were inspired.

With the creation of the internet and the development of media and television, more and more people are awakening to the fact that something exists beyond just our physical reality – something greater than what they currently understand about who and what they are.

A much smaller proportion of people throughout time have awakened fully to that Inner Presence. People such as Buddha, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Walter Russell, and even many Gurus and Masters of the Far East that no one has heard of.

This Awakened and Enlightened State is Actually Natural

Being in the flow and tapped in is an experience like no other and one that we all desire. When in that ‘zone’, everything just works. But most people don’t know that it is possible to intentionally and deliberately experience this state.

As we come to experience this deeper part of ourselves over time, we also experience seemingly magical side effects. Your intuitive abilities of clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (sense of hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing) become enhanced and in some cases, dramatically so.

The way you feel on a moment to moment basis, is also an important component here. Essentially if you are not feeling really good, clear, joy-filled, inspired, and empowered it is because you have temporarily closed off or reduced your connection to that Inner Being.

So if you desire to experience a state of flow, connection, clarity, peace, presence and to become more emotionally centred and spiritually aligned, the key is to re-establish a connection and alignment with your own Inner Being.

This is What This Discovered Art of Core Journaling

Home Study Program is About and Can Help You to Do.

If you have seen the movie or read the book The Secret, you know that there is reference to how you can create your world, with a specific focus of thoughts. With Core Journaling and this home study program, you will discover how to do this more effortlessly and instead of ‘having to’ create, you may find, like many others who have taken this course and continue to Core Journal, that you just naturally become a magnet to what you are wanting.

If you don’t know me yet, then you may be wondering at this point who I am. My name is Joshua Zuchter and my Core Journaling method has been helping me and my clients to connect with their inner wisdom and to develop intuition for years.

Ever since I was young I have always known that there is much more to us than just a physical body, a mind, and emotions. I’ve always wanted to explore abilities that I thought we had, but that were either undeveloped or just not recognized.

Although I did have strong intuitive abilities when I was about age 6, I unconsciously turned them off and had temporarily lost some of them. While other abilities were to develop in future years to come.

By the time I was 16, I had found two spiritual mentors and teachers. During the 10 years I studied with each of them we explored concepts of consciousness, energy, I learned about the subconscious mind and how to recognize the guidance that exists within us.

Although the connection with my mentors decreased over time, I took it upon myself to further explore these concepts in a new way. That’s how I began to uncover and develop this method that I now teach and am sharing with you to use.

I am happy to share a small sample of my own writings below that are great examples of the possibility that exists for anyone who desires to connect to their Inner Essence. In the beginning when I began to write, I would get one word answers to my questions. Eventually, though, I began to receive sentences, and now, when I Core Journal, it is more common for me to “download” 10 pages worth of wisdom. Much of what comes includes beautiful quotes and insights into life itself.

Here are two beautiful and profound examples of the illuminations that come through my writing (these represent just two out of about 80 quotes that have come to me over the past 15 years):

“When the truth is spoken it rings for all eternity and shatters all illusion.”

-Joshua Zuchter

“Wisdom comes neither from age nor experience, it comes from the Soul which is eternal.”

-Joshua Zuchter

You may be like many of the other participants of this course who are mothers, fathers, young adults and seniors alike, entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, healers, and so on who are either beginning to question and opening up to their Spirituality (perhaps because they saw a show on Oprah, or they read a book that inspired them) or they are already fairly aware, intuitive, and connected, yet wish to develop their connection and those natural abilities further.

Why did they choose this program? I asked them and these are the 5 main reasons they came up with:

1) Because they know about my level of integrity, clarity of wisdom, and some have even witnessed my intuitive work and “wanted what I have”:). I say this playfully, yet honestly.

Many of them have witnessed me tapping in with others, ‘seeing’ what they are seeing and more so what they are not. My ability to tap in has been an incredibly useful tool for working with clients through my life coaching practice. And so if you work with people (and nearly everyone does) then this will be extremely helpful for you in understanding them better.

Many past participants have seen the applications of this material within their relationships, with their physical health, with the creation and attraction of greater abundance, and with their spiritual evolution.

2) They wanted a method that would help them to experience greater peace, while at the same time was not as difficult or as frustrating as meditation can be.

Although I meditate and am a proponent of it, some people have great difficulty with it.

It turns out, Core Journaling is a beautiful replacement and/or a compliment to meditation if that is important to your practice. As you will find, one of the beautiful outcomes of this method of Core Journaling, is that your mind will naturally slow down and at a point you can experience stillness. One of the benefits of Core Journaling is that you are in charge the entire time and as a result can choose to go deeper or not.

3) They were able to dissolve negative patterns, thoughts, and unproductive beliefs on their own without the help of someone else guiding them.

There are even instances of spontaneous healing that have taken place because of the release that can happen during the process. Ideally, they begin to realize that they never have to be dependent on anyone else again to help them clear their own blockages.

4) They came to learn how to get out of a negative mindset and to shift their perspective and ‘vibration’ very quickly to a more positive, loving and peaceful state of mind.

In my own life experience as well as through my work with hundreds of clients, it is far easier to get INTO a state of negativity than to “get out of it”. With this home study course, as you Core Journal, you will discover what others have – that you are not locked in to negativity – that shifting into a clear, more positive state is just as possible and can happen just as easily. You will not only learn how, you will actually experience it while Core Journaling!

“I so enjoyed the course – I feel its making my spirit’s voice LOUDER than ever before. I have this empowering confidence because of it. I just get this feeling of peace, and I let it guide me. Joshua, I truly feel this is the most powerful class I could have ever taken. And I feel like my leadership skills are growing by leaps and bounds. There’s always an understanding, because my spirit speaking through me only has the best of intentions. As a result, I’m allowing a better communicator to flow out of me. Thank you! I also have to thank everyone else on the call. They were just so awesome!”

-Tanya Martinez-Cardenas, Texas

5) They had been referred to take this course by friends, colleagues, and family members who noticed incredible instances of “miracles”

In some cases spontaneous attraction and spontaneous fulfillment of their dreams and desires has occurred. Sometimes these happened within an hour of applying this method, while others may have taken a few days or weeks. None-the-less, there were significant changes in their lives that they could only attribute to this method of Core Journaling.

Some even experienced what is known as having spiritual awakenings… and that is also my experience and why I am now offering this course for others like you.

“Just thought I would say a huge THANKS for introducing me to core journaling. I would say “you have no idea”, but of course you do, on just how much this most amazing tool can and does create almost miraculous things to open up in your life. It truly does connect you with the ability to “blow apart” those stubborn “roadblocks” on one’s path. It is a very freeing and empowering feeling to be able to so totally connect with “the answers” and GET the answers to virtually any question you have. I can only describe it as like having an “open channel”, like some kind laser light conduit that directly and instantly connects you with the Source Library.

As you know, I have been “connecting” for many years now and have through trial and error found my own way of “sort of” getting what I needed. But since I have taken your course, it’s like the “fuzzy edges” of what I was trying to get are SO gone. The clarity of directness of the answers is truly amazing.

Please believe me when I tell you, that learning to define my answers, as you teach in the class made all the difference. I, like you, am experiencing a level of intuition like never before. MY LORD!! It’s so freeing.

I am so, so thankful for you providing me with this most amazing gift.

So thanks again for everything,”

-Donna Hurst

It Is Time to Take Charge and to Awaken to


There is no better time than right NOW! This is an incredible window of opportunity that you can jump through. If you are at all like me, then you are open to and believe in the power of synchronicity – that all things happen perfectly and at the exact time they need to… hence your coming to this page and this Home Study Program.

(It is VERY common for many who take this course to tell me that they had just been recommended by someone to write more and begin to journal, to discover more about themselves, when all-of-a-sudden they came across a flyer for this Core JOURNALING program!)

My Core Journaling Home Study audio recordings along with manual and notes has the potential of helping you to connect with your Inner wisdom and awaken to the depths of who you are in a much shorter span of time!

That’s why I created and recorded “The Discovered Art of Core Journaling”. To help and support wisdom seekers like you to discover your Inner Being and awaken to the deeper messages that exist beneath the surface of your mind.

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What Is Included and How Does This Program Work?

Let’s explore what is included in this program together… In the first recording we dive directly into what Core Journaling is and how it works. You will also have access to the 7 Keys to Core Journaling that will help you to immediately begin to put this method into practice. This is NOT a secret and I have made this tool as simple as possible to begin. You’ll learn:

  • About the 3 Main Types of Journaling – Learn which one is the most effective for releasing negative patterns, behaviours, for changing your reality and coming to clarity on any issue you desire.
  • 3 Main Benefits of Core Journaling – These benefits offer incredible insight into the human mind, consciousness, and how you can explore the richness of life deeply and intimately.
  • How to ask questions – like a lock has a combination, the key lies in your question. The more focused your question, the clearer the response – learn how to ask to open the vault to your deepest Self.
  • The 4 main ways we tap into consciousness and receive answers to our questions – if you are not already incredibly intuitive and psychic, learning about these 4 streams will dramatically enhance your ability to be more tuned in and tapped in.
  • How to increase your energy and vibration with minutes simply by tapping in.
  • The importance of tapping into true clarity rather than the ego recordings of the mind.
  • And so much MORE!

With Core Journaling, your mind will naturally become more silent. When you listen to the third recording, you will be able to witness a beautiful thing… one of the participants experienced several moments of this type of clarity. It is absolutely phenomenal and great that you can hear her experience and our responses to it!

The best part of Core Journaling, is that once you do it and discover how to tap in, you will come to realize that you will never need another teacher, coach, mentor, book or course to teach you about life.

You Already Have Your Own Infinite Wisdom and Teacher Within You!

– That you can access any time. Tapping in to the Source of all wisdom and teachings on your own is also the most rewarding way to explore the vastness of life itself.

“I have to tell you, the next morning, after our class, I sat and journaled … I was blown away … I asked deep routed questions and got answers to questions that I have been asking and puzzled by for the last 10 years. Beautiful answers. It was truly amazing.

I would like to thank you for the series of core journaling teleclasses. It’s one of the best things that’s happened to me.

The last week I’ve tried to journal for an hour at a time and it’s been magnificent. I feel calmer and more at peace during the day. I now have to strain myself to hear the useless “chatter” that used to go on in my mind. When a problem comes up during the day now, instead of getting stressed out, I say, “I can’t wait to go home and journal on that”.

So, thank you so much, you have opened up a door I didn’t know existed. I have such a hard time meditating so I can’t wait to continue with this process.

Thanks SO much!!”


Discerning Between Your Mind and Your Soul Speaking is As Easy As… Trying to Listen to One Violinist in an Orchestra of 1000 Violinists

No one can show you or tell you exactly how to know the difference between what is from the Soul and what is from ego.

In these recordings however, I will share with you what to look for and how to know that what you are tapping into is actually pure. Then, ideally, as you Core Journal you will discover for yourself, what is true and pure. This may be the greatest gift I could give to you. As the saying goes, “I can show you the door, but you must be the one to step through.”

There are other methods and ways of writing. But they can take years of practicing to notice any difference. And in fact, many who have taken this home study program have mentioned how they have found Core Journaling to be much more effective at helping them to tap in quickly and get to the heart of the matter than other forms of writing or journaling.

“Wow, wow, wow, I knew I had discovered your site and enrolled in your core journaling course for a reason, but I never imagined the powerful transformation I was about to undergo.

I have journaled for years but with your help went to an entirely new level. I found myself purposefully exploring ideas some of which I had never even realized were of interest to me. During our three weeks together I experienced an amazing sense of peace. I was able to explore things that distracted me from living the kind of life I have aspired to. I was able to make peace within myself and experience a love that is unexplainable.

I have never felt such a sweep of relief, faith and total acceptance. I was able to let go of those things which were not mine and do so with absolute love.

Joshua I believe the universe brought us together because it was to be so. Thank you! This time with you has opened a beautiful wonderful world for me.”


I definitely did not have the benefit of someone who could guide me through this method when I first began writing 15 years ago. If I had, I’m sure it would have shaved at least 14 years off my learning curve!:) I’ve included exactly what to do to tap into your Higher Self.

I also share wisdom that has come through my own writings. Some of these insights alone are worth the cost of this program.

“The Discovered Art of Core Journaling Home Study Program” is a culmination of 15 years of writing, awareness, and insights of one of the most effective ways of connecting that I have found. It’s refined and polished into an honest, straight forward and easy-to-follow program that’s has the potential to help you to come to clarity on virtually any topic.

Many people spend thousands of money each year on personal growth seminars, professional development courses and on self-development books. Although these methods are helpful in the short term, in the long-term, most of these people still believe more in the speakers and authors than they do in themselves.

It is time to look to YOUR INNER SELF for direction and guidance!

For only $64.95, you will be getting years’ worth and thousands of dollars worth of knowledge and wisdom that has already been shown to help many others to develop their own inner connection, develop their intuitive abilities and explore the fantastic unlimited nature of who you are.

Here’s what you receive for $64.95:

  • Three 1-1.5 hour audio tracks of a recorded live Core Journaling teleclass, containing suggestions and guidance on how to apply this method to every area of your life ($89.00 value)
  • Instantly downloadable notes and diagrams from the live Core Journaling teleclass

And you will also receive $254.95 in products and service. Here’s how…

I am truly committed to helping you gain the most from Core Journaling. You will also gain these free bonuses:

  • Free Bonus #1: ($150.00 value)

I have seen miracles happen as a result of Core Journaling both in my life as well as in the lives of those who have taken this course. And I want to be sure that you are getting the same bonuses from the Home Study course as those who attend the live teleclasses so that you have the opportunity to experience the profound outcomes too.

So I am adding a complimentary 30 minute Core Journaling writing session with me done via phone. All you pay for is the long distance call to me if you are calling outside of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

Every single person who has had this call with me in the past several years since I began offering this course has found this session to be invaluable!

  • Free Bonus #2: ($20.00 value)

Once you have listened to the audio recordings and done some Core Journaling, you will gain access to all updates and entrance into all Core Journaling graduate support calls that take place.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other participants of the course and where you can find out about new updates and additions to the method. This is also a great place to get further feedback and help with Core Journaling at no cost!

  • Free Bonus #3: ($20.00 value)

Along with having these recordings and being able to listen to them any time, many who have taken Core Journaling have asked if they can enrol again.

Typically they would pay the full cost to retake the course. Because you have the audio version, I want to offer you a gift of $20.00 off the cost of a live The Discovered Art of Core Journaling course if you decide you would like to enrol in the live version.

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That’s $254.95 in Product You Receive Now for Only $64.95.


“The Discovered Art of Core Journaling

Home Study Program”

(downloadable version – $64.95 value)

And all these bonuses are yours:

Free Bonus #1: ($150 value) –
“30 Minute Core Journaling Live Session with Me”
Free Bonus #2: ($20 value) –
Complimentary entrance to all Core Journaling Gradate Support Calls that take place
Free Bonus #3: ($20 value) –
$20.00 discount off of a live “The Discovered Art of Core Journaling” teleclass series

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

My personal mission in life and in business is to always give you more in everyday practical use than I ask in cash value.

It is the best way I know of to come from my integrity.

But I want to go one step further to show my commitment to you and belief in this course. That’s why you also get my risk-free, one year money-back guarantee.

This is something I DO NOT offer for the live courses but am doing so here for the Home Study Program.

Here’s how it works:

Listen to the audio recordings and begin to Core Journal for one full month. If, after you have core journalled for more than a month (and I will have to take your word for it) AND you have had your bonus 30 minute Core Journaling session with me, you find that this package hasn’t helped you to find deeper meaning and discover your inner self more clearly, simply call me for a cheerful refund of your full purchase price less a $5.00 handling fee.

If you don’t benefit from my material I don’t want you to feel that you have wasted your money.

Right now you receive the 3 AUDIO TRACKS PLUS the companion NOTES and MANUAL all as a downloadable package, including the 3 Bonuses – all for just $64.95 (a value of $254.95)!

YES! I want “The Discovered Art of Core Journaling Home Study Course” audio recordings for $64.95 Now. I understand this gives me immediate access to the downloadable version and bonuses.

Plus I get one full year to evaluate this audio program and method. If within one year after Core Journaling for at least a month (to give it a go) and after having the 30 minute bonus Core Journaling session with Joshua, I’m not satisfied, I’ll simply let go of the other bonuses too and get a cheerful refund, no questions asked.

for a secure order form now!


Joshua Zuchter

P.S. This is an incredible method that you can use whether you are at home or traveling, whether you are having a challenge with someone or something in your life, or whether you wish to simply explore the meaning of life itself! So I invite you to order now!

P.P.S. If you prefer to order by phone, just give us a call at 1-416-388-1135.

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