Kind Words from one of the organizations I have been recently coaching and training…

“Our organization has been working with Joshua for over two years now. He leads monthly training sessions for managers, for staff, as well as coaches our Directors through one-to-one sessions. Topics include: improving open communication, personal development, team building, and more.

Several studies put the amount of time spent on interpersonal conflict in the workplace at around 40%! With this in mind, these sessions with Joshua have more than paid for themselves. Our workplace conflict has been reduced to almost nil. Our team members now communicate positively with each other, resolve conflicts easily and quickly, cooperate with each other and truly support and appreciate each other. This has resulted in a highly productive, creative, positive, happy, fun, intuitive and focused team that works effectively! Life is too short to not enjoy doing what we do for eight hours every day and we continue to appreciate Joshua and his coaching and workshops for moving us to higher levels.”

-Helen Harakas, Executive Director, Brands for Canada (formerly Windfall Basics)

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